Hitco Group partnership with Virtual Diabetes Academy of Gabric (VIDA)

Rasta Imen Darou (as one of the most prominent subsidiaries of the group) is proud to be in cooperation with Gabric diabetes association, around the education of the health care professionals, through an online platform, developed in collaboration with Iranian reputable academic physicians.

This digital platform (named as VIDA), has facilitates the remote training of the enthusiasts, while empowers the participants of the program, with the latest treatment methodologies, around this therapeutic area.

This action is in accordance with the commitment of Hitco Group, around education of the Iranian healthcare community, thus, enhanced patient care. 

APOTEX of Canada, is officially represented in Iran by Rasta Imen Darou and has managed to localize the production of APO-Metformin, one of the well-known and respected brands of metformin.

آپوتکس – آکادمی مجازی دیابت گابریک (gabricvida.com)

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